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Device Triage

Preemptive detection and proactive resolution of customer-impacting issues by triaging Device & IOT-Related issues vs. Network & Coverage issues, which can:

1. Reduce revenue loss due to a large number of devices with No Fault Found (NFF);

2. Predict Internet of Things (IoT) devices performance degradation affecting the device and the overall network;

3. Accelerate Time and resource-consuming mean time to root cause isolation;

4. Improve overall customer experience by isolating potential issues and accelerating the path to resolution

Artificial Intelligence Solution

Machine learning (ML)-based root cause analysis (RCA) provides insights for an actionable path to resolution. Network data-driven - not dependent on device-agent data. Domain expertise in network data ingestion and transformation.

Key Features Included

Recommendation Engine

Determine priority-based actions for powerful, high-return impacts.

Preemptive Detection

Detect issues before they impact customers. 

Proactive Resolution

Prevent poor customer experiences by reducing device-related issues (headsets, IoT, machine-to-machine ((M2M)).


Business Benefits & Consumer Benefits


Reduce revenue leakage due to No Fault Found (NFF) returns

Improve network performance  

Improve the quality of experience for customers & decrease churn

Proactive and predictive account maintenance

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