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Smart Operations

AI - Powered Return On Investment Optimization; Network Investment Challenges; Dependency on network planning teams to determine Next Best Investments; Misaligned network deployment plans, marketing priorities, customer experience, and ROI; Lack of visibility to network and customer experience capacity metrics and impact of network investments to these metrics; Inconsistencies between live networks and inventory systems impact an operator’s ability to plan network growth and project revenues effectively; Constant network changes, revisions, and updates

ArtificiaI Intelligence Solution

Data-driven ability to determine key investment areas and nodes based on Quality of Investment. Impact of investment on ROI (site profitability) and quality/customer experience metrics such as; Application or Video Throughput, VoLTE Call Quality, etc. Ability to model “What If…” scenarios such as; impact on capacity due to spectrum carve, migration, technology shutdown, and new feature introduction.

Key Features Included

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Unique Machine Learning (ML) 

Model per node based on traffic profile, long-term seasonal, and short-term traffic variations.

Geo-Spatial Representations

To inform on capacity adds, key investment areas, and optimal solutions.

Advanced Analytics & Summaries 

Dashboards indicating capacity addds and optimal solutions.

Graph Theory, Meta Data & Capacity

Insightful data for actionable improvements.

Business Benefits

Case Study Results 

We identified over 35% of CapEx spend in a major market for a Tier 1 operator targeted at non-essential capacity expansion that was reallocated towards high return on investment assets.

Maximize Savings 

Save on interest, asset depreciation, operational costs, customer acquisition, and lost revenue recovery.

Case Study Results 

We proactively identified 15% of market sites that required build plans for increased capacity to accommodate growing traffic. 

Case Study Results 

We identified a savings opportunity of 75% in a major Tier 1 market.

Reduce Lost Revenue

Prevent revenue loss by proactively ensuring that capacity meets user demand.

Optimize CapEx 

Save capital, achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) & reduce churn.

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